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One skein of crewel wool (2ply) contains 25m of wool. 

One hank of crewel wool contains 180m of wool & is equivalent to 7 skeins.

One skein of tapestry wool (4ply) contains 10m of wool. 

One hank of tapestry wool contains 55m of wool & is equivalent to 5 skeins.

These measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

Appletons Old English Embroidery Wool

Appletons have been producing 4 ply tapestry wool (thicker) and 2 ply crewel wool (thinner) for over 150 years.  Over that time, they have built up a world wide reputation for quality, based on their unique experience and dedication to standards.

The wool is spun and dyed in the UK on the worsted system and is of the same quality as that used for top grade furniture coverings.  It is hard wearing, moth-proofed, and durable.  Tapestries and needlepoints made from it last for generations.  

Tips for Working with Appletons Wool

  • Use lengths a maximum of 75cm in order to avoid excessive fraying as the wool passes through the canvas.  By reducing the length of wool, you reduce the wear caused as the tapestry (needlepoint) is stitched.

  • When threading the needle, keep one end short, as this reduces the bulk of wool that is pulled through the canvas at each stitch.

  • Always pass the needle vertically through the canvas, not at an angle.  This helps reduce wear on the wool.

  • Remember to check every few stitches, that the wool is still in its natural twist.  If the needle is turned excessively, the wool can become tightened or unwound.  When this happens, let the needle revolve freely on the end of the thread and the wool will again assume its natural twist.

Discontinued Colours

Appletons Wools have recently let me know about particular colours which they will not be restocking, due to these being very slow moving and another colour being almost identical. These currently have about a year's stock or less remaining. They are as follows (C=crewel, T=tapestry):


C104 replace with C103
T326 replace with T327
C476 replace with C477
T548 replace with T358
T551 replace with T552
C624 replace with C623
C703 replace with C702
T703 replace with T702
C704 replace with C702
C705 replace with C706
C751 replace with C752

07956 536242

Until 1st October: Hillrise, Shop Lane, Pilton, Somerset BA4 4BA

After 1st October: Hillside Farm, Holcombe Lane, Moorlinch, Somerset TA7 9BX

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