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Buzzards fly away

My silk shaded buzzards were finally completed at the end of June - I've only just got around to posting this as I've been a bit busy with working on new designs.

They were stitched using one strand of stranded cotton in the needle, but several shades being used at a time. The birds had to be stitched in a strict order, back to front, in order to help create a feeling of depth. Although the bodies and wings took the longest, the hardest bit to stitch was actually the face, particularly the eye, or the larger buzzard. If I'd got the placement wrong, or the tiny highlight on the eye in the wrong place, the buzzard would have looked dead. I think it worked. What do you think?

I then mounted the embroidery onto a piano stool, finished off with antique gold studs, for a very happy customer (with strict instructions not to eat chocolate while sitting on it!)

I'm always happy to discuss new commissions. If you have something in mind, then please do get in touch.

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