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Spring cleaning in Autumn...

Better late than never though!

Now that I've got to grips with stock levels for the Appletons wool (I've been increasing the hanks, so I now have all the colours in stock), I've been able to get around to all those things that have been on my list for what feels like forever! So I've been focusing on IT - websites and advertising; on adding Appleton's wool to The Art of the Needle (skein by skein - it took forever!); on the classes I'm running in Exeter with Helen Jones under the Stitching With Liz & Helen title; and on my future plans for myself. These involve looking into ways of increasing my knowledge of textiles and how to link this with my love of embroidery, and being able to fit it into my already busy schedule! They do say if you want something done, ask a busy person! So maybe I'll be just fine ;) .

Canvas shaded tulip using Appleton's crewel wool
Canvas shaded tulip using Appleton's crewel wool

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