This flowing blackwork jellyfish comprises a 32cm x 35cm square of white 20hpi or 28hpi linen (please specify when ordering), one skein of black stranded cotton, tissue paper to transfer the design, full instructions with a detailed stitch guide, diagram and photos, an embroidery needle and a tapestry needle. All kept tidy in a neat little box.
Three diaper patterns are covered, as well as stem stitch. This is an excellent way to learn how to shade using the blackwork patterns, before moving on to more complex shaded images.  The finished embroidery measures 17cm high by 17cm wide. When choosing which fabric count to have, the lower the number, the easier it is to see the holes, so 20hpi is easier to work with than 28hpi, which is finer. 
Suitable for beginners and intermediate skill levels. Blackwork, due to its counted nature, is a perfect technique to move onto after cross stitch.
Blackwork came to England from Spain with Catherine of Aragon in 1501. It's diaper patterns originated from intricate Moorish patterns. It was widely used during the Tudor period on clothing, particularly on cuffs and collars, where it was worked to be the same on both sides of the fabric.
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Blackwork 'Jellyfish' Kit

  • black stranded cotton skein x1

    embroidery needle

    tapestry needle

    comprehensive instructions

    stitch guide

    clear diagram

    tissue paper to transfer the design

    white counted fabric