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The Goldwork Four Leaves kit is a lovely design which covers the techniques of padding with craft felt, carpet felt and soft string, couching using Japanese gold. pearl purl and rococco, and cutwork, which covers chips, s-ing and spangles. 


This goldwork kit includes the design hand drawn onto a 20cm x 20cm square of red silk dupion, with a 38cm x 38cm square of calico support fabric, gilt pearl purl in two sizes, Japanese gold thread, gilt rococco, gilt bright check purl, gilt smooth purl, gilt spangles, yellow craft felt, carpet felt, bumpf (soft string), a reel of sewing thread, beeswax, full instructions with stitch diagrams, a size 22 chenille needle with buttonhole thread and a size 9 embroidery needle. All kept tidy in a neat little box.


The finished embroidery is 14cm high by 14cm wide.


Suitable for beginner and intermediate levels.


Please contact me to discuss shipping costs if you would like to purchase more than one item from my shop. For shipping to the Channel Islands, please select the UK as the destination.

Goldwork 'Four Leaves' Embroidery Kit

  • Red silk dupion

    calico backing fabric

    hand transferred design

    full instructions


    three types of padding

    two sizes of gilt pearl purl

    gilt Japanese gold

    gilt rococco

    gilt bright check purl

    gilt smooth purl and gilt spangles

    beeswax and needles

    reel of sewing thread

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