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'In the Garden' is a beautiful embroidery kit which covers four different embroidery techniques.  These are surface embroidery, applique, stumpwork and goldwork.  This kit is suitable for anyone who has not stitched for many years or who would like to start as well as for more experienced stitchers.  It covers a range of hand embroidery stitches, such as stem stitch, satin stitch, French knots and more, applique using felt, raised petals stitched over wire with little stumpwork bees and the goldwork technique of chips.  This will give you an exciting insight into four lovely techniques which will enable you to go on to try many other hand embroidery techniques.


The kit comes tidily packaged in a neat little box, with clear to follow instructions and photographs, a stitch guide to show you how to work each stitch and a diagram which shows where each stitch is to be worked and in which colour.


The finished embroidery measures 13cm high by 18cm wide.


If you would like to order more than one item from my shop please contact me for a shipping estimate.

Mixed Techniques 'In the Garden' Embroidery Kit

  • blue linen





    metal threads



    comprehensive instructions

    stitch diagram

    stitch guide

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