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Pulled thread embroidery, also known as drawn fabric, is a form of whitework that doesn’t involve cutting the fabric threads. Instead, tension is used when working the stitches to draw the fabric threads together to produce a lacy effect. (Not to be confused with Drawn Thread embroidery, which involves cutting the fabric.) It is traditionally worked on white fabric, usually a linen evenweave, using white thread.
This pulled thread kit includes all materials required - white evenweave linen, two skeins of white stranded cotton thread, a tapestry needle and a chenille needle, tissue paper to transfer the design, comprehensive instructions with a stitch guide and stitch diagram.  All kept tidy in a neat little box.  The kit covers four pulled thread stitches which each give a different lacy effect.  This is an excellent grounding for then moving onto the next stage!
There is a choice of fabric: either 20 or 28 threads per inch white evenweave linen. The lower the number, the easier it is to see the holes, so 20 tpi is easier to work with than 28 tpi, which is finer.  The finished embroidery measures 17.5 cm high by 15.5cm wide. 
You will need a ring frame (ideally hands free) and embroidery scissors. A thimble, needle threader, magnifier and daylight lamp may also be useful.  
Suitable for beginners.
Please contact me to discuss shipping costs if you would like to purchase more than one item from my shop. For shipping to the Channel Islands, please select the UK as the destination.

Pulled Thread 'Leaves' Whitework Embroidery Kit

  • White evenweave linen

    white stranded cotton thread

    tapestry needle

    chenille needle

    comprehensive instructions

    stitch guide

    stitch diagram

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