'Stitching With Liz & Helen.....'

Silk Shading

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Changed to Saturday 23rd November (was Sat 9th Nov) 2019 10am-4pm
Exeter Community Centre, 17 St David's Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG

Tutor: Helen Jones

Please call 07958 215417 for more info

£65 + kit

'Stitching With Liz & Helen' is a collaboration between two Royal School of Needlework tutors, Liz Tapper & Helen Jones (www.stitchwork.co.uk), to bring the art of needlework to Exeter. We aim to provide classes in a range of techniques and for varying skill levels.

Please do get in touch if there's a particular course you would like to see listed.

Learn the basic elements of silk shading & stitch a small flower, enabling

you to continue working with this technique at home.

Sometimes known as painting with the needle, this is an embroidery technique which uses fine threads and needles. It can take time to become confident, but it helps to persevere. We will start the day by working through all the elements of successful silk shading one by one. We will then move on to combine all these elements in one piece. We will stitch a small flower motif which will provide lots of useful practice. By the end of the day you will understand the process of silk shading and be able to continue working at home. We also hope you will come to enjoy the pleasures of fine stitching and subtle colour blending. 

Kit cost £20, payable on the day to the tutor.

There will be an hour’s break for lunch at 1pm. Coffee, tea and biscuits are included in the class price. There are shops nearby for lunch, but it may be easier to bring a packed lunch.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn a traditional hand embroidery technique, in the relaxing environment of Exeter Community Centre, situated in the lovely city of Exeter.