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art nouveau waterlily goldwork.jpg

'Beautiful kit! High end materials, crystal clear instructions. It is a joy to work on.'

Caroline Perkins

art nouveau rose silver metal thread silk hand embroidery

'Beautiful design and beautiful kit. Thank you.'

Julie Cayemberg

blackwork tulip

'Everything I hoped for.  Can't wait to get it started.'

Janice Hill

goldwork dog rose

'Arrived quickly. The project was easy to do (am experienced in needlework but new to goldwork) and the instructions were very clear with good diagrams.'

Emma Hodge

Whitework Pulled Thread Leaves.JPG

'Possibly one of my preferred techniques. Great pattern. Would be good for most. I love it. Great kit. Thanks again.'

Kerri Attwell

silverwork art nouveau tree.JPG

'Truly love the style with the mixture of techniques. Bought others. Oh, easy to read instructions with all requirements. Thanks so much.'

Kerri Attwell

Mountmellick whitework.JPG

'Beautiful pattern with very clear instructions! Thank you!!'

Jana Allen

goldwork illuminated letter surface embroidery

'Easy to follow, great for beginners'

Istar Lamarain

Silk & Goldwork Rose hand embroidery

'This design is a dainty one and has been a pleasure to work. The floss silk gives a smooth lustre. The appearance, especially if using a mellor to lay down the threads, is reminiscent of Japanese embroidery.'

Diane Upton

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